At home skincare is a key essential in keeping your skin looking beautiful & feeling healthy.


Along with pre-treatment and post-procedure products Aesthetic Skin Care Center offers a wide variety of skincare essentials to help you transform and maintain your skin.

Dr. Gregg M. Anigian

Dr. Anigian has crafted his own skin care line with products designed to cleanse, hydrate and protect the face, neck and hands. He developed these products in order to address the specific needs of women living in Dallas in a high intensity sun environment.

The ingredients in Dr. Anigian’s products contain a highly concentrated mix of antioxidants designed to treat skin routinely exposed to the sun. For example, many of these products contain green tea antioxidants, as they are especially beneficial for soothing redness and inflammation in sun-damaged skin.

Each product can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with a skin care regimen created by our Aesthetic Skin Care Center for your individual needs.  Additionally, all products are made in the U.S.A.

Other skin care lines

Dr. Anigian's Aesthetic Skin Care Center also offers additional skin care lines

Please call our office to order or learn more about these products